My Top 10 Picks in DB Fall Shoes for Little Walkers

Hello, my name is Selena and I’m a shoe-a-holic. So stereotypical, right? A woman who loves shoes? Get out! Labels aside, it’s not hard to imagine why a person, specifically a mom, might covet shoe shopping above all other types of fashion shopping.

For me? Shoes always fit. They are the one constant thing in my wardrobe, regardless of how my weight goes up and down in between pregnancies (which, I’m done with now, BTW), that I can go to. Shoes can immediately dress up an outfit, make me feel sexy and at times boost my confidence. I’ll take it.

Which is why my love for shoes has transcended into the baby and toddler zone. Disney Baby always has some seriously cute styles for every season and Fall is my personal fave time of year for shoes. All the cute boots and sweet kicks, especially when they make coordinating sibling shoes. That does it for me right there. I also love how DB has partnered with Stride Rite for a number of their shoes, we’ve been long-time fans of the brand. They are built to last and are very innovative in how they are made to support growing, little walking feet. So without further ado, these are my favourite ones!

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