Minnie Mouse Catch n’ Count Butterfly Net Bath Toy from Sassy

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Catch n’ Count Butterfly Net Bath Toy for free.

Bath toys are a big hit in this house — even the “baby” toys are overtaken by my 5-year-old.

As much as I try to keep him from taking Little L’s things, it’s inevitable. And really, I shouldn’t complain. I’m glad he’s happy with her toys. It means he’s easy to please!

We received the Minnie Mouse Catch n’ Count Butterfly Net Bath Toy from Sassy, and the net is by far a favorite! She swings it around, likes to drop toys in the net, then turn it over and drop them out and bang on the side of her crib to get my attention as well. That part isn’t so cute at 6 a.m., but it always makes me laugh.

The three butterflies are used as chew toys, or I hide them around the room and let her have fun finding them when she is crawling around.

The set lets baby scoop, sift, and collect butterflies in the net — shaped, of course, like Minnie’s famous ears and bow. It’s available at at Toys”R”Us.

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