Little L’s First Hair Clip

It’s official — Little L has *just* enough hair to gather a bit from the front and use a hair clip! This is super exciting as a mama, I mean, she looks extra adorable and more like a girl. She’s been called “little guy”, “little buddy” by passerby’s despite having on polka dot purple leggings!

Anyway, she has her papi’s very thin hair, nothing like my thick wavy mane when I was her age. I try to keep her hair under control, but with the static, and after rolling around in her crib the front just sticks straight up.

When I was getting her ready for bed tonight, I found two hair clips she received as gifts and I decided to give it a try — and it stayed!

She tried to pull it off, but I kept it on long enough to get a few pictures…although not very clear because she kept moving around.

I love having a little girl, it’s moments like these that have me so excited for what’s to come!


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