Kids Say The Funniest Things About Love

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean that we should all stop thinking about love. If anything, Valentine’s Day should just add fuel to our motivation to show love to those that we care about most. Love can be a tricky subject but these kids seem to have a good idea about what love is all about. Click through for 10 funny and insightful quotes from kids about love…

  • Let's Talk About LOVE

    Let's Talk About LOVE

    The 10 cutes, most insightful, adorable, and funny quotes about love from the mouths of little ones. Click through to see them all!

  • When You Love Somebody...

    When You Love Somebody...

    Karen, who is 7, shares how to tell if someone is in love.

    So Bad So Good

  • Puppy Love...

    Puppy Love...

    Mary Ann, age 4, shares an insightful tip about unconditional love.

    So Bad So Good

  • Love = Selflessness

    Love = Selflessness

    Lauren, age 4, picks up on how being selfless is a big part of love.

    So Bad So Good

  • Love is When...

    Love is When...

    Noelle, age 7, tells us about how love makes us do crazy things.

    So Bad So Good

  • Love Means Give Up Your French Fries

    Love Means Give Up Your French Fries

    Chrissy, age 6, understands that true love means giving your French fries away.

    So Bad So Good

  • Love Makes You Smile

    Love Makes You Smile

    Terri, age 4, already understands a deep truth of motherhood.

    Kid Love

  • People Forget...

    People Forget...

    Jessica, age 8, knows that if you love someone you should tell them a lot.

    Kid Love

  • It Only Hurts For A Second

    It Only Hurts For A Second

    Manual, age 8, understands that love isn’t supposed to be painful, at least not after you get hit with Cupids arrow. ;)

    Kid Love

  • Love Doesn't Pay The Bills

    Love Doesn't Pay The Bills

    Ava, age 8, knows that it takes more than love to pay the bills.
    Kid Love

  • The Most Important Thing

    The Most Important Thing

    Greg, age 8, knows where his priorities are.

    Kid Love

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