St. Patrick’s Day is here! Think your little leprechaun is too young to celebrate this fun holiday? Think again! You and your littles can have a blast playing this fun I Spy game to find all things GREEN! Plus, it’s a fun way to teach your baby about colors and new things! I know my girls and I are going to have a blast with this fun scavenger hunt!

You can do this game a number of ways. Make it a fun scavenger hunt all in one sitting, with a prize at the end! Or, stretch it out and make it last all day. I’m sure you’ll find more green things as you begin your hunt!

I spy…

  • green grass
  • a green apple
  • green grapes
  • a dollar bill
  • a cucumber
  • broccoli
  • a leprechaun
  • green toys
  • lettuce
  • a tree
  • green beans
  • a green monster
  • a lime
  • a green crayon
  • a jar of pickles
  • green eyes
  • camouflage
  • green books
  • a green snake
  • a shamrock
  • kale
  • green clothes
Have fun!
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