I Spy... GREEN!

St. Patrick’s Day is here! Think your little leprechaun is too young to celebrate this fun holiday? Think again! You and your littles can have a blast playing this fun I Spy game to find all things GREEN! Plus, it’s a fun way to teach your baby about colors and new things! I know my girls and I are going to have a blast with this fun scavenger hunt!

You can do this game a number of ways. Make it a fun scavenger hunt all in one sitting, with a prize at the end! Or, stretch it out and make it last all day. I’m sure you’ll find more green things as you begin your hunt!

I spy…

  • green grass
  • a green apple
  • green grapes
  • a dollar bill
  • a cucumber
  • broccoli
  • a leprechaun
  • green toys
  • lettuce
  • a tree
  • green beans
  • a green monster
  • a lime
  • a green crayon
  • a jar of pickles
  • green eyes
  • camouflage
  • green books
  • a green snake
  • a shamrock
  • kale
  • green clothes
Have fun!

Lacy is a wife, mom, teacher, and dreamer, determined to live a BIG life in a simple way. She writes at Living on Love where she shares inspiration for doing just that. From great recipes and fun projects to adventures in the outdoors and experiences in parenting, Lacy believes in living a meaningful life on a daily basis. In addition to her blog, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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