Huggies Hugs Delivered Contest

Have you guys seen this contest that Huggies is putting on to deliver first hugs to new babies? If not you should totally watch the video and go have a good cry. I actually wanted to title this post: “Huggies Hugs Delivered: AKA That Time That Huggies Made Me Ugly Cry”, but I decided that even though it’s the truth, it’s a bit lengthy. But, seriously, this contest is brilliant and here’s why…

Hugs Delivered

Having a baby is a such a sweet time, but sometimes geography and circumstances prevent us from sharing those first moments with the people we love most. Huggies wants to change that by asking people to submit their stories about the person they most wish could be there to share a first hug with their new baby. Then Huggies will choose a winner and do whatever they can to get that person there for that sweet first hug. Oh…and you win a year’s worth of diapers which isn’t too shabby either!

In the promo video that made me ugly cry, you’ll see the story of two sisters and it will completely melt your heart. Such a sweet idea Huggies!

The contest ends May 11th, so head on over and submit your story!

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