Stroller Strides: Getting Fit WITH Your Baby!

I believe in taking your time after baby and easing back into your old shape and size. But when you notice that you are gaining weight instead of losing weight, then it makes you re-think your plan. Especially at 7 months!

Truth be told, having my second baby has been, well, hard work! Managing two really doesn’t leave too much time for myself and I’m one of those women that doesn’t lose weight by diet alone, I have to work out and by that I mean BREAK A SWEAT! I had planned on walking most of it off but with the super hot and muggy summer there was no way I was going to brave the heat with the kiddos. But now, my oldest is in preschool for a few hours every day and that left me with a few hours with ONE child. Such a difference that makes!

Just as I was about to start using that time to go for a walk or run with Little L, I discovered something even better — I came across Stroller Strides which is just one of many fitness programs offered by Fit 4 Mom. It’s an outdoor workout (bootcamp style) meets mom group, meets personal training. Personally It’s AMAZING and a dream come true for me.

You workout with your kid (or kids) in their stroller. And let me say, this is by no means a casual walk in the park or an easy mommy and coffee morning…NO WAY! This is a proper, sweat your face off type of work out which includes cardio, abs, strength training and fat burning exercises — and I love it! It’s just what I needed to get me back into shape and more importantly right now I need to fit into my bridesmaid dress in time for my brother’s wedding in October…EEEK!

Stroller Strides is in cities across the US and take it from me, it’s kick butt AND you get time with your babe so no need to arrange a babysitter. Everyone is in the same situation and it’s a great support system too! Sure it’s tough but I’m looking forward to building up my strength and I immediately noticed a boost in my energy after working out.


  • Working out WITH my baby!

    My excuse for not exercising was that I didn’t have the time and didn’t have child care. Well, NO MORE! Now I can work out with the babe and she thinks it’s funny to see me jump up and down. Some moms come with double strollers, now that’s dedication!

    Find a Stroller Strides near you!

  • Strolling...


    Everyone goes at their own pace and level. Even though it’s called Stroller Strides, this isn’t a simple walk in the park! Pushing the stroller while running (or power walking in my case) gets the heart rate up and I can feel the burn. Oh yes!

  • Getting my SWEAT on!

    Getting my SWEAT on!

    I look like I’m in absolute pain, but it was more the heat that day. I actually loved sweating and feeling my body getting a work out. The best part was having an added energy and mood boost afterwards!

  • Crunch time...

    Crunch time...

    I could literally hear the crunching sound as I did my first abdominal workout. For the rest of the week my tummy hurt even when I sneezed, but then I’d smile to myself because it was the best kind of pain to have!

  • Building up my strength

    Building up my strength

    Pregnancy, post-baby and not moving much has left me weak but I’m slowly working on regaining my strength — especially in my back and abs!

  • And stretch!

    And stretch!

    Like so many other moms, I haven’t had a good stretch in ages. It felt so good to just feel the gentle pull and then feel the ease in my body afterwards. I highly recommend a good ‘ole stretching session!



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