Swaddling 101

Swaddling can be an incredibly effective way to keep baby cozy and calm while he or she sleeps. Follow these step-by-step instructions, followed by a few extra tips, for swaddling success!

Mom Swaddling Newborn

Step 1
If you don’t have a swaddling cloth, a receiving blanket will work just fine. Fold the blanket to create a triangle and lay it out. Place your baby on the cloth with her head resting just above the fold at the top.

Step 2
Bend your baby’s left arm slightly at the elbow and place it flat against her body. Bring the right side of the blanket across the chest, making sure her arm is snug underneath. The blanket should be wrapped over the shoulder, resting close to the chin. Next, tuck the edge of the blanket underneath the opposite arm so that it fits securely.

Step 3
Fold the bottom of the blanket up and over your baby’s feet, so that what was the bottom of the triangle now forms a point facing towards your child’s head.

Step 4
Now, bend your child’s right arm slightly at the elbow, keeping it flush against her body. Take the left side of the blanket and bring it across her chest, tucking the leftover material under the opposite side for a safe, comfortable closure.

A Few Tips…

– You may find that as your baby grows, he or she may prefer to have their arms free instead of wrapped up in the swaddle. It’s okay to keep their arms loose if that is the most comfortable position for them.

– Use your best judgment when choosing a blanket to swaddle your newborn, depending on the weather or the temperature inside of your home. Swaddles come in lightweight materials as well as those that are a bit heavier, so feel free to use a different variety depending on the season.

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