How To Make Your Own Bow Tie For Baby ~ 5 DIY Tutorials

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I know! This month has zoomed by and now here we are.

Are you going through a mental checklist of things you have and things you may have forgotten?

  • The Bodysuit Tie

    The Bodysuit Tie

    This has to be one of the most brilliant DIY ideas for bow ties I’ve come across yet. Instead of creating a bow tie that offers a closure, this one is designed to snap on to your baby’s bodysuit! You can find the super easy and clear instructions over on One Young Love.

  • Chubby Bow Tie

    Chubby Bow Tie

    I really like the body on these as the bow tie itself isn’t skinny, instead it’s quite substantial. Moms will love that this DIY pattern offers a Velcro closure!

    You can find the entire pattern, photos and instructions on A Lemon Squeezy Home.

  • Recycle a Tie

    Recycle a Tie

    Don’t have any fabric scraps lying around? Why not use one of your husband’s old ties? Better yet, make them a matching set! This fantastic DIY shows you how to repurpose an old tie and turn it into a Velcro closing bow tie. You can find all the instructions on A Make It and Love It.

  • The Spiffy Hook and Eye Closure

    The Spiffy Hook and Eye Closure

    Prudent Baby has a fantastic tutorial that shows you how to make clip on bow ties (perfect for babies and toddlers ahem). You can view the step-by-step photos and instructions on their blog

  • Ribbon Bow Tie

    Ribbon Bow Tie

    Did you know you could make a bow tie out of ribbons? Neither did I! Learn how to make your own by visiting Keeping It Simple Crafts.

“Turkey – check!”
“Pumpkin – check!”
“Baby’s Thanksgiving outfit – check!”
“Baby’s bow tie – um….”

The accessories get me every, single time too! Sadly, by the time I hit the department store, everything is sold out and I’m stuck. Well mamas, I have some good news. If you happened to forget that blessed bow tie this Thanksgiving, I have 5 DIY solutions that show you how to make your own quite easily.

If you have some thread, scraps of fabric (even an old tie or some ribbon would work!) and a sewing machine you should be good to go! Many of these can be made without a sewing machine as well, if you prefer to sew them by hand.

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