Halloween How-to: Nutritious 'Mummified' Mickey Mouse Toddler Snacks!

We’re in the countdown to Halloween over here, which means lots of excitement and talk about candy, now that my little ones have some actual memories attached to what the big kerfuffle is all about.

Not one to deny my little ones of a treat now and then, I don’t think that desserts and snacks need to be white-sugar laden, dripping in corn syrup, or full of white flours to taste good. Over the years, I’ve really gotten into making fun food plates on special occasions for my kids and Halloween would definitely be one of those times!

Yesterday, my boy and I got up to making a spooktacular Mickey Mouse snack for after-school! It was super easy and only took a few minutes after I looked through my cupboards and conjured up how we would make them. Take a look at this easy DIY!

Click here to hang with Mickey and his friends at the official Mickey Mouse site!

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