How to Dress Your Infant Like the Royal Baby!

With the Royal Baby due any day now, get in the spirit by dressing your baby up in these regal outfits inspired by royal babies! From baby Prince William and Princess Elizabeth II to fresh modern takes of Kate Middleton’s fashion sense, travel back through our gallery of royal history for eight Royal Baby fashions befitting your little prince or princess!

  • Are You Ready for the Royal Baby?

    It won’t be long before the world welcomes its newest little prince or princess. Get your little royal highness ready for the Royal Baby with these regal inspired outfits!

    Photo by Punky Doodle Bugs Photography/Beautiful Butterfly Boutique

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  • Princess Kate and Prince William's Royal Style

    Princess Kate and Prince William’s Royal Style

    Princess Kate and Prince William have always had a classy, clean styling about them. Even eight months pregnant, Princess Kate manages to look stunning in this soft pink ensemble. You can expect any Royal Baby of theirs to look just as radiant and fashion-forward.

    Photo by Carfax2 via Wikimedia Commons

  • The Princess Has Arrived Baby Tee

    Sound the trumpets: Her Royal Majesty has arrived! Share the good tidings with this sweet baby tee from the Disney Store.

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  • Princess Kate and Her Dashing Hats

    Princess Kate and Her Dashing Hats

    You can bet a Royal Baby Girl will be outfitted with only the most couture (and outrageous!) hats to match her Royal Mama!

    Photo by tsaiproject via Wikimedia Commons

  • Couture Habadashery for Your Cutie

    Get in on the Buckingham Palace glamour with your very own couture baby hat from Amarmi Baby Hats and Photo Props!

    Photo via Amarmi Baby Hats and Photo Props

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  • Prince William's Fresh-Faced, Timeless Style

    Prince William’s Fresh-Faced, Timeless Style

    It’s been over thirty years since Buckingham Palace has heard the pitter patter of little feet. Prince Charles and Princess Diana scored a hit by outfitting their little Prince William in timeless looks, like this soft romper.

    Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images

  • Prince William Inspired Satin Romper

    Pay homage to the timeless outfits of a young Prince William with this satin baby romper from Correen’s Creative Designs.

    Photo by Correen from Correen’s Creative Designs

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  • Dashing Duds for Young Prince Harry

    Dashing Duds for Young Prince Harry

    Baby Prince Harry, seen here at age one with his father, Prince Charles, looks positively dapper in his pinstripe romper.

    Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images

  • Crown Fit for Your Little Prince

    Make any day a Coronation Day with these soft, adorable crocheted crowns from Lilianda!

    Photo by Amie Markoski via lilianda

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  • Princess Elizabeth's Precious Pearls

    Princess Elizabeth’s Precious Pearls

    Before she was Queen, Elizabeth II was one stylish Princess! Seen here in 1926, Princess Elizabeth looks just stunning in her set of royal baby pearls matching mommy, the Queen Mother, Duchess of York.

    Photo by Paul Popper/Popperfoto/Getty Images

  • Tiara Fit for Your Little Princess

    If a crown is too much for your little princess, opt instead for something a little daintier, like this gorgeous tiara headband from BGStudios.

    Photo by Rosa Cordova/BGStudios

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  • Fabulous Fashion Runs in the Family

    Fabulous Fashion Runs in the Family

    Luxurious royal fashion sense runs in the family! Princess Margaret (center) is pictured here with big sister and heiress to the throne Princess Elizabeth (left), and the Queen Mother (right) in this photo dated 1931.

    Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images

  • Delicate Fabrics and Accents

    Just as baby Queen Elizabeth had her pearls, your little princess can dazzle with delicate details and accents in this stunning Belle Cuddly Costume Bodysuit from the Disney Store. With tiny pink roses and gold organza trim, your little one is sure to be the royal Belle of the ball!

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  • Princess Helena's Royal Baby Bonnet

    Princess Helena’s Royal Baby Bonnet

    Over 150 years ago, the Royal Palace was bustling with children from the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Little Helena, Prince William’s third great-aunt, was decked out in delightful baby fineries, like this baby bonnet seen here.

    Detail from Portrait of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children (Franz Xaver Winterhalter, 1846)

  • A Delicate Royal Baby Bonnet

    You don’t have to go looking through royal archives to get yourself a delicate baby bonnet like Princess Helena’s: you can get your very own handmade baby bonnet right from Handmade By Lululu!

    Photo by Allison Hillyer/handmadebylululu

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  • Lavish Victorian Princesses and Dresses

    Lavish Victorian Princesses and Dresses

    Even further back into British Royal Family history, the period fashions of royal baby clothing only became more graceful and elegant, as shown here by the Duchess of Kent with her daughter, the future Queen Victoria.

    Painting by Henry Bone, 1824 via Wikimedia Commons

  • Princess Costume for Your Royal Highness

    You don’t have to be heiress to the throne to look gorgeous for the arrival of the Royal Baby! Get in on all the glamour of centuries of royal baby fashion with this luxurious Rapunzel Costume from the Disney Store.

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How will you celebrate the arrival of the Royal Baby with your little one? Share your ideas and photos in the comments!

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