How I'm Documenting Margot's First Year

To document Margot’s first year, I wanted to do something cute, but also simple. I have always loved the idea of taking weekly photos, capturing her growth and progress for an entire year. But, it always seemed like a BIG job, something that I certainly wouldn’t have time for. Turns out, it’s a lot easier than I thought! With a super simple backdrop and a few cute “props” from her room, I’ve been able to take some pretty adorable photos of Margot each week…

Every Thursday (she was born on a Thursday) I put her in something cute and lay her on a sheepskin rug on our living room floor. For the first 6 weeks, I didn’t use any props. At week 7, I decided to add some cute accessories to her photos – books, stuffed animals, toys, etc. It takes me about 5 minutes each week to take the photos and edit them on my iPhone. (READ: I’m not using a real camera!) So easy, so simple! And it’ll be so fun to have 52 of these photos on her first birthday next year!

Lacy is a wife, mom, teacher, and dreamer, determined to live a BIG life in a simple way. She writes at Living on Love where she shares inspiration for doing just that. From great recipes and fun projects to adventures in the outdoors and experiences in parenting, Lacy believes in living a meaningful life on a daily basis. In addition to her blog, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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