Host a Frozen Party!

My children are currently obsessed with the movie “Frozen” in the biggest way. 

My five-year-old has the entire song of “Let It Go” memorized and The 3-year-old knows how to bring up the clip on You Tube and even my 18-month-old son flings his arms out wide and sways to the music in an adorable imitation of his sisters.

As obsessed aficionados, my girls have, of course, requested that their ever-generous mother to host a Frozen party for all their little friends. And I only so happy to comply, of course.

With a weekend shift at the hospital (I’m a labor and delivery nurse) on the schedule for this weekend, I’ve spent the day brainstorming some ideas for our Frozen party and found some great (and free!) ideas. When mama has time for it, it’s going to be one Frozen extravaganza of course!

Serve up some “Frozen” cupcakes. Search online or buy some cupcake toppers at your local party store for an easy way to bring some Frozen fun with these favorite deserts.

Image via Little Writer Momma

Do you want to build a snowman? Your party guests can make their own Olaf, right from the comfort of your house! Have the kids come up with the craziest snowman, the funniest snowman, or the most original snowman for a fun game twist! Download the free activity free here.

Send them home with something Frozen. I love free stuff and your guests will love this door hanger that they can take home and re-create their own Frozen fun at home. Free printable here.

Make an Elsa barrette. Every little girl loves Elsa! Let her create her own Frozen magic with this simple craft for an Elsa barrette. Instructions here.

Find your way through the Frozen forest. Help Anna find Elsa through the Frozen forest with this free printable maze. Give a prize to the guest who can make it through the fastest!

Play “Frozen.” Play the famous “Let It Go” song with a twist–stop the music and have your guests “freeze” in position. Play the clip for free here.

Make them a princess. Who knew you could actually make their dreams come true with their very own Anna princess costumes? Buy Anna’s here.

Image via The Disney Store 

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