From Toddler to Kid: A 'Sense'-Sational Birthday Party

Last week my son turned four. According to Wyndham, being four years old means that he can do all sorts of things that he couldn’t do when he was three, and everything is way cooler now.

He can read his baby sister bedtime stories, brush his own teeth, get dressed and undressed on his own, (sort of), and wake himself up to go to the bathroom at night. Four means that he doesn’t need to be nagged at dinner to eat anymore (TOTALLY riding that one for all it’s worth), and being four means that he can be a rock star. All according to Wyndham. He’s right  — he can do/be all of these things and so much more, now that he’s four.

To me, my son being four means that my baby/toddler has officially entered into childhood. I have a full-on kid now who can hold a conversation, ride a scooter with the big boys, and rock his balance bike like a pro BMX’er. Sheesh. In celebration of all this ‘four-ness’ we hosted a little sensory themed birthday party last weekend for my darling guy and some of his kindergarten classmates. Check it out!

If you like the look of this theme for a birthday party, visit me over on Babble to discover how we put together all of the activities we had at the sensory table; what kind of food we served and how you can make your own loot bags and cupcake toppers to compliment you theme!

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