Foodles: My Son’s Favorite Snack

I made a trip across the border last week and during our run, my son and I stopped at Walmart to do a grocery haul. Each and every time we shop across the border, I’m sure to stock up on his favorite snack.

I don’t like to purchase pre-packaged snacks, but Foodles are the one exception to that rule. These little snack trays are filled with delicious and nutritious snacks that are presented in a very fun way (notice the Mickey ears on the tray?). Foodles Crunch Packs come in four different varieties, however all three of my kids prefer the Sweet Apples, Cheese and Sweet Seedless Grape pack. My eldest daughter can’t eat cheese, so she likes how it’s separate from the fruits as she can then give the cubes to her siblings without picking them out piece by piece.

In regards to the fruit, sliced apples are always white and crisp and the grapes are fresh, firm and never mushy. These are wonderful snacks for toddlers and snack additions to school lunch bags. Now, if they could only bring them to Canada…

Foodies are available in Target and Walmart stores across the United States. For more information, visit Crunchpack.

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