Fine Motor Activities for Babies

My husband and I own an art studio for kids and I was an early childhood education major in college. Incorporating fine motor development into our curriculum at A Little Artsy along with inspiring little one’s creativity and just an overall fun experience was really important to me. I wanted little ones to come in and just get messy and foster those tiny imaginations! A lot of people ask me how young I started doing art projects and fine motor development with my own little ones.

  • When to Start

    When to Start

    Aiden, my oldest, started around 8-10 months with finger painting and various other projects. As your little ones start to get a bit older some fun ideas are stacking containers, pouring water or sand, tearing paper, playing with play.doh (or even pudding as a subsititute for itty ones) and anything with fun finger foods.

  • Process not the Product

    Process not the Product

    With our own kids and with the kids that come to our art studio we emphasize that it is about the “process not the product”. So, letting a little one experiement with crayons and finger painting is good for them! Just as long you are focused on their experience rather than the finished product.

  • Getting Messy

    Getting Messy

    Don’t worry about the mess! Put on clothes that can get paint on them and let your kids create without worrying about being covered head to toe!

  • Learn and Grow

    Learn and Grow

    Letting little ones experiment with stringing noodles or beads is another great way to foster those fine motor skills! All of these need to be done with great supervision and can be a fun bonding experience to learn, grow and get messy with your baby!

  • "Create" Time

    Schedule a weekly “create” time and you will be amazed how much they grow!

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