Father’s Day Recipes: Burgers, Cupcakes & Yummy Treats

What’s a celebration without food? We have a tradition in our home that our kids get to choose exactly what they want to have for their birthday dinner. From the moment they can speak, they get to choose. We’ve had some pretty interesting requests such as Cheerios from my then 2-year-old daughter, plain broccoli and apples.

Kids are funny.

Dads have their own preference when it comes to food. Some love the grill, while others are real foodies and enjoy the combination of various flavours. If you are looking for a little meal inspiration this weekend or need some cake ideas, I’ve rounded up 20 of the most delectable eats and treats for your man. Each one of these recipes is easy to make and doesn’t require any hard to find ingredients and many of them can be made with your toddlers! It’s never too young to start cake decorating ;).

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