Easy DIY Receiving Blanket for Baby

It’s no secret that I’ve been nesting. So much so that I’m pretty much nesting all day and into the night. Today, I had a dear friend come over for a visit. As we chatted, I sewed. Then I made chicken noodle soup. Then I… just kidding. That was it. Ha! As if that isn’t enough. All I should be doing from now until Baby arrives is rest. I just can’t help it!

A few months ago as I was wandering through the fabric store, I came across this adorable giraffe print flannel. I thought it would make the perfect receiving blanket for my little one. I feel it’s gender neutral and I simply couldn’t resist the giraffes.

Easy DIY Receiving Blanket for Baby

Making a receiving blanket is hands down one of the easiest DIYs I’ve ever made.


  • Cut fabric to desired measurements. I made mine 40×30.
  • Hem or serge the edges.
  • Done!

Making a few of these would make a lovely homemade gift for an expecting mom. I love being able to have custom blankets made specifically for my little one. I love to swaddle my babies so these are definitely a necessity when it comes to newborn essentials.

Of course my newborn isn’t here just yet to enjoy the new blanket, but I simply had to see how it would fit. So I used the next best thing…

Easy DIY Receiving Blanket for Baby

What’s your favorite Baby DIY?

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