Do You Use a Baby Bathtub?

A few months ago, a friend shared her list of unnecessary baby gear.

Some of it I agreed with, but I was really surprised to hear her say she didn’t ever use a baby bathtub.

Even when we lived in a small apartment, I’ve used a baby bathtub for both of my girls.

They’re just so convenient! I’m not getting soaked up to the elbows trying to lean into a deep regular bathtub. I’m not holding a slippery newborn or wondering what kinds of food germs are in my kitchen sink. I can rest them in it and have my hands free to get shampoo, washcloths, and scrub them down. I can move it around easily, whether I’m giving a bath in the kitchen or the bathroom. I can be close to a heating vent in winter, or move it right next to the regular tub while my older child bathes.

Finding Nemo Bathtub

Of course, what I love most of all, is when my baby grows out of needing a baby bathtub and can join the older kids in the big bathtub for a sibling bath, and I can sit back and watch them giggle and play (and get splashed from head to toe).

Do you use a baby bathtub? Or do you make do without one?

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