DIY Nursery Mobile

Any corner of your baby’s nursery would certainly brighten up with a whimsical mobile such as this one. Depending on the pattern of the punch that you choose the effect can be subtle or very dynamic. You decide!

You’ll need:

  • Wooden embroidery hoop (only the inside part)
  • Letter-sized sheets of card stock in two contrasting colors (2 sheets for each color)
  • Scissors
  • Paper trimmer
  • Glue
  • Decorative edge punch
  • Nylon filament
  • Seed beads (preferably transparent)
  • Needle or pushpin


1. Cut 16 strips of each color that are 11” tall (the height of the letter-sized sheet) and 1” wide. Note: The width of these strips is suitable for this punch design. If you have a paper punch that has a taller and more elaborate design make sure to allow for more width.

Nursery Mobile Materials

2. Punch the design along the edge of all the strips that were cut in Step 1.

Strips with Punch Design

3. Fold 1/2” of one end of a strip, add glue to the tab and attach the opposite end of the strip to it. This will create a teardrop shape. Repeat this process with all of the strips.

Strips Folded into Tear Drops

4. Cut a strand of nylon filament that is 36” long. Using the pushpin or needle poke a hole through the top of 4 tear drops. Thread a seed bead through one end of the strand and make double knot. Add the first tear drop (which will be at the bottom of the mobile) to the strand by pushing the nylon through the top hole (from the bottom up). Add the remaining three tear drops (alternating the colors) at 7” intervals by tying a bead first and then sliding the tear drop on to the nylon filament.

5. Repeat Step 4 for 7 more strands of nylon filament with 4 tear drops each. Four strands should start with one color and the other four should start with the other. Hang all the strands from the embroidery hoop at equal distances from each other. Tie the excess filament in the center a few inches above the embroidery hoop making a loop to hang the mobile from. Optional: Tie the filaments to a ring to be used for hanging.

Finished Nursery Mobile
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