3 Disney-Inspired Easter Crafts & Activities for Little Hands

Easter is just around the corner – literally! This coming Sunday, families all across the nation will be celebrating Easter and having fun with the kids. Bunnies, Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets and more are sure to make a presence this Easter Sunday as the fun of Easter makes its way into homes. But, why not extend the celebration and start having fun for Easter this week with crafts and activities you and the kids can make together? While Easter printables and activities are loved by most children, if you’re looking for Easter fun that even your baby or toddler can participate in, then try out these Disney-inspired Easter crafts and activities!


3 Disney-Inspired Easter Crafts & Activities for Babies and Toddlers

  1. Decorate an Easter egg with Disney friends: Using this Easter egg and decorations template, get your toddler to stick on the decorations and make his or her own Easter egg art!
  2. Have fun coloring with Disney friends: There are many Disney Easter coloring pages, such as Rabbit’s Easter Activity Page, that your baby or toddler can have fun coloring (in his own special way). Even more can be found on Spoonful.com.
  3. Make an Easter card: Your baby or toddler can easily decorate his own Easter card using a few crayons and these Easter Disney stickers!

Have fun celebrating Easter with your baby!

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