Disney Baby Style ~ Mickey Swim Trunks & Two Things I Learned About Them

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a set of Mickey Mouse swim shorts for free.

I didn’t realize how much of a water baby my son was until last week when he discovered his very first splash pad. The geysers, water sprayers, the slides – they had him mesmerized and occupied for most of the afternoon. I had to tear him away when it was finally time to leave, and yes, there were tears! This was the first time he wore his Mickey Swim Trunks, and I noticed two things about these shorts that I wouldn’t have known had my son not been wearing them that day.

Mickey trunks

1. They look even more adorable in real life than they do online. Clothes look super cute online or in catalogs, but once you get your baby dressed in them, it’s a whole new ball game. What was cute becomes even cuter! I got quite a few compliments on these shorts both that day and the following week when he wore them during our day at the beach.

2. Bright shorts = easy-to-spot baby. There were so many people at the splash pad that day, and it was hard to keep my eye on all three kids at the same time. Thanks to Mickey’s face and the bright colors, I was able to spot my son very quickly. Being in such a crowded public place actually changed my view on swimwear for both babies and children. From now on, I will make sure their swimwear is bright and colorful! Chasing my eldest daughter down in a plain mauve swimsuit was next to impossible!

Psst…. next time you take a look at the Disney Baby fashions, keep in mind they look even cuter on your baby ;-).


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