Cute Baby Moments Can't Be Forced

Baby boy is 19-months-old and sweet as ever – that is, when he’s not pitching a tantrum. But, tantrums aside, he really is tender, sweet, loving, and funny. He loves to laugh, make you laugh, and be silly. He also loves to shower you with love, when he’s in the mood.

Baby Cuddling with Stuffed AnimalPhoto: Andrew Bardwell/Flickr

One of his newest “cute baby moments” is what we call a hug fest. He goes from person to person in the room, arms wide open, and crashes into your legs, head down to give a hug. Big sister adores this moment because so often he’s not in the mood for cuddles and rejects her attempts to hug him. I admit, I kind of love his hug fests too. Who wouldn’t?

When he feels like it, baby boy also throws kisses with his hand, or smothers your face with his lips to give you a “beso”  - noise and all. Apparently, I found out, he licks dad’s face when he does this, though not mine.

Another way baby boy’s sweet side shows itself is through his play with stuffed animals. Any time he sees one, and especially when his big sister is snuggling with one of her stuffed friends, he grabs the stuffed animal, hugs it close to his face and says “Awww.” Of course, this is exactly what we all say in response to the act.

Tender, sweet, cute baby moments – we absolutely love them, right? In fact, we often seek them out, prompting baby with requests such as “give me a hug.” But, as my older daughter is finding out, you just can’t force these cute moments. Baby won’t always be in the mood. You have to let them happen naturally.

What are some of the cute baby moments your baby has or had? 

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