Cozy Plush Toys For the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Lover

My daughter is completely and totally head-over-heels for Mickey Mouse and his friends. She requests that we watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at least eight times a day (more like 80 really). Because of this my Christmas shopping list has become quite Disney-centric and I am super excited about these cute plush Mickey and Friends characters that are on-sale right now at the Disney Store – buy one get one for $1!


I can only imagine how excited she would be to see Mickey and his friends sitting in front of our Christmas tree, just waiting to play with her. There are a variety of plush sizes available at the Disney Store, but all of the ones I featured are between 17″ and 20″ tall. We already have the Minnie doll and it is the perfect size. You can fine Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto all for $19.50 at the Disney Store – but really they’re actually even less expensive because of the buy one, get one for $1 sale!

Check them out here!

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