Charmed! Enchanting Baby Names for Halloween Loving Parents

Do you love Halloween and everything that goes along with it? Looking for a truly unique baby name celebrating your supernatural, magical, or dark characters? Well look no further! I’ve compiled the only list you’ll need. Take a look and get inspired!

  • Charmed, I'm Sure! The Most Enchanted Baby Names!

    Charmed, I’m Sure! The Most Enchanted Baby Names!

    For you Halloween loving moms and dads to be out there, I present the 47 most enchanting baby names taken from beloved magical characters.

  • <a href=Alaric” />


    Alaric is a character from the Vampire Diaries series. And the melodic name, Alaric, actually means Noble Leaders

  • <a href=Astra ” />


    Astra is a Norse name meaning, “as beautiful as a god”. Isn’t it charming?

  • <a href=Asteria” />


    Asteria is a name from Greek Mythology meaning, “like a star”. I think it sounds magical, don’t you?

  • <a href=Aurora” />


    Aurora feels extra magical don’t you think? It is a name with Latin origins meaning “the dawn”

  • <a href=Bella” />


    Everyone’s favorite damsel turned vampire, the name Bella is a shortened version of the name Isabella and means “beautiful” or “lovely one”

  • <a href=Blade” />


    The vampire hunter with the name that means “Wealthy Glory”

  • <a href=Celeste” />


    For many, the stars are full of magic and mystery. The name Celeste has a Latin origin and means “heavenly”

  • <a href=Cullen” />


    The surname of the most beloved Vampire family of all time from the Twilight Saga stories, Cullen is actually an Irish name meaning, “handsome”

  • <a href=Dante” />


    A name with Italian roots, Dante means “enduring”

  • <a href=Dexter” />


    Everyone’s favorite criminal mastermind from the hit TV series with the same name, the name Dexter is taken from Latin roots.

  • <a href=Draco” />


    Meaning “dragon”, this name gained a lot of popularity because of a blonde-haired menacing character in the Harry Potter series.

  • Edward


    Love it or hate it, the name Edward has flown to the top of the popularity charts. Thank the sparkling and brooding character in Twilight for that one friends.

  • <a href=Elena” />


    Elena means light and is on the list because of the popular character in the hit TV series Vampire Diaries.

  • <a href=Elvira” />


    Even though she was the “mistress of the night”, the name Elvira means “truth” or “beautiful”

  • <a href=Esme” />


    Another vampire from the Twilight Saga, the name Esme means “to love”

  • <a href=Esmerelda” />


    This sparkling name is Spanish and means “emerald”

  • <a href=Evangeline” />


    The name Evangeline is Greek and means “bringer of good news”

  • <a href=Galen” />


    Galen is a vampire hunter in the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries. The name Galen is English and means “calm”.

  • <a href=Godric” />


    Godric is a character in the TV series, True Blood, who serves as the vampire sheriff.

  • <a href=Ichabod” />


    Ichabod is a character from the novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. And the name actually has Hebrew origins.

  • <a href=Jasper” />


    Another gorgeous vampire from the Twilight Saga, the name Jasper is Persian and means “treasure”.

  • <a href=Klaus” />


    I love this name! It makes the list because of the character name Klaus in the TV series, The Vampire Diaries, who is one of the original vampires.

  • <a href=Laurent” />


    Laurent is the red-eyed vampire from the Twilight Saga and the name is Latin meaning “victory”.

  • <a href=Lorena” />


    Lorena is a vampire in the True Blood series. The name is English meaning “honor and victory”.

  • Luna


    I just love this name. And it makes the list for two reasons! One is the quirky character of the same name in the Harry Potter Series. The other is the shapeshifting character in the True Blood series. Luna means “moon”.

  • <a href=Macklyn” />


    Macklyn is such an interesting name isn’t it? It’s the name of a character from True Blood, and the name has Celtic origins.

  • <a href=Matilda” />


    Remember Matilda? She was the supernatural little girl from the movie with the same name. Matilda is Swedish meaning “brave in war”.

  • <a href=Merlin” />


    Merlin was the famous sorcerer from the Camelot myths. The name is French meaning “falcon”.

  • <a href=Odin” />


    Odin was the Norse god of war and death, of poetry and culture

  • <a href=Orion” />


    Orion is the mighty hunter constellation, son of Poseidon. The name isGreek meaning “son of fire”.

  • <a href=Osiris” />


    Osiris was teh Egyptian god of the underworld, the symbol of eternal life.

  • Poe


    After the dark poet, Edgar Allan Poe.

  • <a href=Phoebe” />


    Phoebe, the quirky witch from the old TV show, Charmed. Phoebe is a Greek name, meaning “shining one”.

  • <a href=Phoenix” />


    For the bird that can rise from its own ashes and live on, over and over again, forever.

  • <a href=Piper” />


    A cute name, don’t you think? Piper made the list because of the witch in the TV show, Charmed, with the same name.

  • <a href=Raven” />


    A nod to the famous Edgar Allan Poe poem, or maybe just a nod to your love of the color black.

  • <a href=Rohan” />


    The kingdom from the magical Lord of the Rings trilogy, a gorgeous Gaelic name.

  • <a href=Rune” />


    This is my FAVORITE name on the list! From the ancient symbols used in magic. Rune is German meaning “secret”. Don’t you love that?!

  • <a href=Selene” />


    From Greek mythology, a diety that presided over the moon.

  • <a href=Silas” />


    Silas is the powerful half witch/half vambire hyrid in the Vampire Diaries TV series. The name Silas is English meaning “forest”.

  • <a href=Stephan” />


    The handsome, humanity-loveing vampire from the TV series, The Vampire Diaries.

  • <a href=Tarot” />


    For the illustrated cards used to predict the future. Tarot is Japanese meaning “first son”.

  • <a href=Viktor” />


    The character from the movie, Underworld. Viktor is Native American meaning “chief”

  • <a href=Vlad” />


    From so many dark stories, Vlad is short for Vladimir.

  • <a href=Willow” />


    For the character from the old TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Willow wis German meaning “peaceful”.

  • <a href=Xander” />


    Another name from a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander means “defender of man”.

  • <a href=Zephyr” />


    Zephyr is from Greek mythology and means “life of Zeus”.


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