Buzz Lightyear! 7 New Additions to the Toy Story Collection

Toy Story is one of my son’s favourite Disney movies. It’s funny because he’s so much more into toys in general than my girls ever were. He lines all of his cars up in a row, “parks” them around the house, and brings toys, trains, bears, and cars into his bed at night. It doesn’t matter if they are made out of metal, plastic or plush — they still come into bed with him.

His fierce loyalty to his toys has made Toy Story even more relatable for me this time around.

Late last year, we featured some of the new Toy Story¬†fashions. You may recall bandana and denim themed dresses and overalls inspired by Woody and Jessie? So cute! Disney Baby has since added some new additions to the collection, but these ones are inspired by Buzz Lightyear. Couldn’t forget about him, now could we?<!–more–>

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