Bonding with Our Newborn

Having a newborn brings along so many challenges and moments of joy. Having a little one completely depend on you for all of it’s needs is incredible and a huge responsibility. Little Soren is just a week away from being 2 months old, while he doesn’t respond much to us and is mainly thinking about feeding and sleeping we have noticed him becoming more curious about the world around him. We absolutely love seeing him grow and learn. One of the things I love doing most with Soren is figuring out ways we can bond and interact together. Here are some of my favorite ways to bond with our little man.

1. Nighttime Routine – I shared a post about our nighttime routine a few days ago, but I love having this special scheduled time with him everyday. Soren really enjoys it and seems to look forward to it every night.

2. Music – In the morning, while we get ready for the day, we love listening to music together. I like to put on cheerful music, sing to him and watch him kick, kick, kick his little feet and get wide-eyed.

3. Let’s Chat – Getting close to his face, talking to him and telling him stories is an amazing way we bond. I absolutely love it when he looks me directly in the eye and moves his lips as if to try and form his own sounds. It’s so precious!

4. Cuddles – Of course, this is such a special time. I love when he’s sleepy and snuggles in close. We love taking little naps together too. These moments are some of my very favorites.

5. All Together – Finally, I love when the three of us all cuddle together. I think it’s so special when Jon and I are both talking with him, laughing and being silly. He becomes the most active during this time and just loves it!

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