Beck at 17 Months

In my eyes, Beck is very much still a baby. And then I see another child close to his age and think that they look like a toddler and can’t believe that my nugget isn’t so little anymore. Then I force him to give me a hug while he squirms away from my grasp. Begin again.

At 17 months, Beck:


- Has three stamps in his passport
- Primarily scoots for transport
- Loves to do the actions to Five Little Monkeys
- Has discovered the joys of chocolate and knows how to ask for it
- Is fascinated with the process of putting on shoes
- Loves pointing out babies
- Created his first crayon drawing on the wall and tried his first taste of crayon (to which his response was, “yuck!”)
- Is a social butterfly
- Learns at least two new words a day
- Perches on every ledge he comes across

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