Bathtime Fun with Minnie Mouse Stack and Smile Cups

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Stack and Smile Cups by Sassy for free.

It’s the simplest of toys that make Little L happy. Oh and if I add water there is just no stopping her! In fact, I have to pry her chubby little fingers from the set of 3 Minnie Mouse cups in order to get her dry and dressed for bed.

Each cup has holes at the bottom to let the water drip out, she loves the mini-shower feel over her mouth — she tries to drink the water!

But it doesn’t stop at bathtime, I carry them in my bag for her so when we are out for lunch or I’m having coffee with friend, I let her have her cups to stack, bang or throw across the room (this happens more often than not.)

I’m *pretty* sure the black cup is her favorite — she chews on that one more than the others.

See? Simple and sweet Minnie Mouse fun!

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