Baby’s Smooth Ride: Minnie’s Garden Premier Glider Swing

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Garden Premier Glider for free.

If I could fit into the Minnie Garden Premier Glider, I would happily snuggle up, turn on the smooth vibrations of the seat and glide into a long nap (they really should make these for adults!) It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that gliding is the new swinging, and baby LOVES it. My husband and I first saw it at the Disney Baby event a few months ago in New York and we instantly loved it. We thought it was much more baby friendly than a regular swing.

Most parents have a swing for their baby — one that rocks back and forth — but Little L she screams when she is in one of those. But the first time we put her in the Minnie Premier Glider, she just looked up at us and kind of let out a baby sigh. The seat is fleeced lined, and by touching it you can feel the softness. She just melts into it. It has 6 different gliding speeds, music and soothing sounds. It also has a soothing vibrations option for when the crying just won’t stop. The truth is, it’s the BMW of gliders — advanced features, sleek looking and an absolute smooth ride.

Your baby needs to take it for a test glide!

  • Minnie's Garden Premier Glider Swing from Graco

    Swing in soothing style with your favorite mouse. The premier glider swing from Graco® featuring Minnie Mouse is an innovative gliding swing that soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and comforting Baby in your own nursery glider. The plush, roomy seat with removable infant supports doubles as a bouncer, making it simple to move around the house while keeping Baby close by. Suggested retail price: $189.99.

    Buy it at Babies R Us

  • Canopy for shade and coverage

    Canopy for shade and coverage

    Even if baby is gliding indoors, the canopy offers coverage from exterior light and has two hanging soft toys for baby to reach for.

  • Plug in and go!

    Plug in and go!

    The glider’s frame and base fit easily into the corner of your living room or in the baby’s nursery. Plug in and glide!

  • Best nap she ever had!

    Best nap she ever had!

    I’ve tried taking her from the glider to her crib, but I just end up putting her back in the Minnie glider. The softness of the seat gives baby a secure and swaddle like feeling — she snuggles up and is off to catch some zzz’s in no time!

  • Custom settings

    Custom settings

    Like I said, this is the BMW of gliders! Six custom gliding speeds, a selection of baby tunes, soothing sounds, and soft vibrations to calm her or get her to sleep.

  • It's a bouncer too!

    It's a bouncer too!

    The glider quickly becomes a bouncer! This is a side view of the glider on the ground.

  • Minnie mode!

    Minnie mode!

    Minnie has always had great fashion sense and the glider is no exception — it’s adorned with soft hanging Velcro flowers and cute gray, pink and black print on the inside of the canopy.

  • It's Minnie marked!

    It's Minnie marked!

    Minnie has left her mark on the glider with a sweet signature and cute flower. The gray and pink tones are subtle and soothing colors.

  • Disney is in the details

    Disney is in the details

    A different view of the canopy on the glider.

  • Easy to carry

    Easy to carry

    The glider is easy to take off of the base and carry to use as a bouncer. Keep baby close by while you fold laundry or have her join her older siblings during their playtime!

  • Keeping baby happy!

    Keeping baby happy!

    The glider is the proud sponsor of happy, bouncy babies!

  • Baby's picking up some GOOD vibrations!

    Baby's picking up some GOOD vibrations!

    Best. Feature. Ever. The seat has vibrations that will keep Baby cozy, while the classic melodies and sounds will delight and entertain her. The swing gives you the option to plug in or use batteries, so you can keep your little one happy for longer, snug and smiling in Minnie’s garden.


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