Baby's First Swim

It’s been as hot as all get out in our neck of the woods and there’s a good chance that your neck of the woods is experiencing that very same thing. It’s all my wife and I can do to get through these dog-day weekends we’ve been experiencing of late, though one thing that has helped us immeasurably has been our swimming pool.

Only one problem. That pool has kept four of our kids cool, happy and entertained, but there’s a certain fifth member of our posse who has yet to enjoy such benefits of chlorinated bliss.

Until my wife and I finally got our act together, that is, and dug up a few floaties that the triplets used to splash about in.

baby swim

And at first our little guy seemed confused by this oversized bath. (Speaking of which – shout out to the swim diaper, you know, just in case Luke treats the pool the same way he does the bath. Yes. Well…) But he caught on quickly and stayed in the pool for close to half an hour, which doesn’t seem like a very long time, but it sure did wear him out. He usually goes down just fine, but that night, he went down extra good and my wife and I both think it was because of all the energy he expended while playing with his older brothers and sisters.

Which, of course, means two things. First, he can finally cool off in the pool with the rest of our crew on these brutally hot summer days which makes the little guys next to Luke in this picture so very happy.

And, second, he’ll go down even easier as a result of it, which makes the big guy next to Luke in this picture so very happy, as well.

Does your baby like to swim?

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