Baby’s First Christmas ~ The Gift Idea Checklist

A baby’s first Christmas is one of the most special events for both you and your family. Without sounding too cliche, the best way to describe it would be – magical! Looking back at every one of my baby’s first Christmases, I have nothing but very fond memories of love, laughter and moments that I’ve held close to my heart ever since.

Buying a gift for my newborns was a very easy task – dangerously so. If I wasn’t careful I would have bought out the entire store! But what about buying a gift for someone else’s baby? If someone in your family or one of your friends is going to be celebrating their baby’s first Christmas this year, what would you get them? Babies “R” Us has made things super simple and created their own Gift Idea Checklist. I’ve checked the list once, twice and now I’m sharing it with you! Here are 14 products that are sure to be on any new baby’s wish list.

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