Baby Z's First Bubbles

Born in the midst of winter, our little Zaynab was much too young to enjoy spring time play when that time of year rolled around. Now that the weather has begun to warm up, the kiddos now play more outside than inside. Yay spring! My second recently turned four and received a large bubble wand as a gift. She immediately headed to the backyard for some bubble time fun. Once the first soapy orbs made their way through the air, Zaynab made a mad dash towards them.

Baby's First Bubbles

“Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles!” Name that movie!

Zaynab With Bubbles

My sweet girl had us laughing so hard at her reactions. It was a cross between sheer terror and utter exhilaration. The more bubbles we blew, the more frantically she ran around trying to catch those mysterious balls that would never last a second between her chubby little fingers.

Zaynab with bubbles

She persisted. She squealed. She chased. She giggled. She delighted. She popped. And popped. And popped.

Zaynab with bubbles

I may or may not have invested in gallons of bubble solution since this day.  I’ll never tell.

Zaynab With Bubbles


What’s your baby’s favorite outdoor play thing?

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