Baby's First Birthday Dilemma

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is complete, we have another exciting event on the horizon…Fern’s 1st birthday! I can hardly believe that my teeny, tiny baby is almost an entire year old. I know it’s a totally typical mom thing to say, but I honestly feel like we were just bringing her home from the birthing center and like I just learned how to change a diaper and now she’s already one!

Baby's First Birthday Dilemma

But, with a first birthday comes the dilemma…”To have a party? Or not to have a party?”.

We have a lot of family that live nearby and a lot of friends with kids too. I’m trying to figure out what to do! I know Fern isn’t going to care anymore about her birthday than she would about any random day on the calendar, but it’s obviously an important milestone and I think that’s worth celebrating.

So, I’m curious…how did you celebrate your little one’s first birthday? Did you have a family party? A friend’s party? A family and friends combined party? I’m just worried it’s going to get too big and stressful, which I really don’t want.

Any tips for making it simple, yet memorable? Help!

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