Baby’s Favorite Disney Songs of the Moment

Music is a constant in our house. My 20-month old, “Pink”, wakes up asking for it, and won’t go to sleep until she’s boogied her last wiggles out. We’re always searching for new tunes, but some songs just can’t be beat. Here are a few of Pink’s favorites right now.

  • Life is a Highway

    Life is a Highway

    This soundtrack is packed with songs that have all three of my kids groovin’. Life is a Highway and Real Gone really get their little engines rev’ed up.

    To check out this fun CD, click here.

  • Almost There

    Almost There

    Pink got the Little People Disney Princess Song Palace for Christmas and whenever Tiana is on stage, she goes crazy dancing. So we got this CD and we’re learning all kinds of fun new songs.

    To check out this fun CD, click here.

  • Hot Dog!

    Hot Dog!

    This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse closer has been a favorite on and off through the years, and it’s back. We each like to try the different characters’ moves. I mean, how does Goofy do that?!

    To check out this fun CD, click here.

  • So Long

    So Long

    I love Zooey Deschanel’s voice and this song is so much fun to dance to. I can’t wait until Pink’s big enough to enjoy the movie with me.

    To check out this fun CD, click here.

What’s your little one’s favorite Disney tune?

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