A Baby Shower Celebration for the Second Time Mom

This past spring, a friend of mine was pregnant with her second child and while I know that deep down she wanted a baby shower, she also felt weird about it since it’s technically not “proper etiquette” to have a baby shower the second time around. But, I feel like even if you already have all of the essential baby gear, you should still have a chance to celebrate, because every baby is special and deserves to be celebrated. So, here are a few of my tips for a fun and simple shower for a second (or third, or fourth…) time mom.

An Unconvention Baby Shower For a Second Time Mom

Tips for hosting a baby shower for the second time mom:

1. Make it a surprise
The shower doesn’t need to be a surprise, but it’s the perfect way to celebrate a second time mom, because she can’t worry about etiquette if she doesn’t even know you’re planning anything.

2. Come up with a back story
Suggest a special girl’s day to relax and enjoy a bit of child-free time before her big day.

3. Make it a brunch
Brunch is a good time of day for a mama who already has a little one at home, because it’s the easiest time to ensure you’ll have a happy child to leave with Daddy, Grandma or the babysitter.

4. Consider hosting it at a restaurant
You could host the party at someone’s home, but it’s easier to surprise the mama-to-be when you go to a restaurant. Also, it makes the whole thing feel more low key – just a gathering of friends for a meal. Bonus: there’s no cooking or clean-up involved.

5. Come up with a creative party favor
Since you saved time and effort by hosting the party at a restaurant, you can add a bit of a personalized touch with a creative favor for mama and guests (I made these plant favors when I hosted my friend’s shower).

6. Relax and make the rest of the day special
After brunch, spend the rest of the day indulging in fun things with the mama-to-be. My friend and I had a “treat yo’ self” day and she got a pedicure, we did some shopping had some tea and splurged at a restaurant she’d been craving all throughout her pregnancy. Just take the time to make her feel special and loved!

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