15 Baby Items to Keep Parents Sane

As the baby gets older and more mobile and starts wanting to do way more than they actually are able to do, it’s so helpful to have plenty of “activities” for baby. Sometimes this can get tricky, as there’s only so many things a small baby can do!

I chose 15 baby items that have kept me sane during the day — I know I could survive without them, but I also know I wouldn’t want to!

  • Highchair


    Even before my baby started solid foods, I utilized my highchair. It’s another place to corral baby to free up your hands so you can help your other kids or throw a load in the laundry or just get a break! Find it here

  • Pacifier


    One way I stay sane is to always know where the pacifier is. This one is cute for baby boys or girls! Find it here

  • Feeding Set

    Feeding Set

    I love watching my baby learn to feed herself, and it’s just plain fun for her to try. A fab feeding set like this is perfect for making eating entertaining (Bonus: it’s BPA free!). Find it here

  • Play Yard

    Play Yard

    I love a good multitasking piece of baby gear. This play yard has a bassinet for when baby is tiny, a changing area as he grows, toys to entertain, and is also a fantastic “corral” as a play yard when you need it. We travel with our play yard and use it as a bed for baby to sleep in as well. Also there’s some epic storage on this thing. Find it here

  • Swaddle Blanket

    Swaddle Blanket

    Swaddle blankets are completely magical and will help baby stay napping longer so you can put your feet up for a while.
    Find it here

  • Infant Swing

    Infant Swing

    A baby swing is a need not a want, in my book. I love a swing that has various songs, nature sounds and seat positions to cater to the mood of my baby. And this one is the color Plum!
    Find it here

  • Inflatable Tub

    Inflatable Tub

    Sometimes I use baby tubs like this for bathing, but sometimes just as a mini play pool for my baby to have a blast in. I’m always looking for activities to entertain her, and this fits the bill for sure! Find it here

  • Toys with Tags

    Toys with Tags

    One toy that keeps my baby occupied and happy for really long stretches are toys with little “tags” like this one. Bonus: this toy also has teething parts attached and is a book!
    Find it here

  • Stroller


    Going for a walk keeps baby occupied and definitely takes parents to their happy place. I love the bright colors and polka dots of this stroller! Find it here

  • Jumper


    I’m not always a fan of electronic toys, but I make a huge exception for jumpers. This one is much easier on the eyes than most, and is a great place for baby to play and wear herself out while you load the dishwasher or sit and take a deep breathe for a few minutes. Find it here

  • Water Shooters

    Water Shooters

    Another great multitasker, water shooters like these are not only great for bath time but also fun to cool off with on a hot summer day. Perfect for tiny hands!
    Find it here

  • Bouncer


    I couldn’t leave a bouncer off this list! These are great for when you need to shower or cook dinner or anything else where baby can’t really be attached to your hip. I love one with some vibrations and music to make the staying power a bit longer. Find it here

  • Teether


    Teething adds an extra element to our days, doesn’t it? To keep my sanity I have plenty of teething toys in every room. Nubby toys, like this one, are the current favorite around my house.
    Find it here

  • Tub Toys

    Tub Toys

    When all else fails, baths are a great way to pass the time since babies love to splash and play! I imagine these tub toys keeping my baby girl happy for a long time. Find it here

  • Straw Cup

    Straw Cup

    Nothing steals my sanity faster than having to clean up spills all day long. I’ve found that my babies do better learning on a straw cup first (so they don’t tip a cup full of water on their face thinking it’s a sippy cup!).
    Find it here

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