An Amazing Source for Baby Sleeping Advice

Beck started sleeping through the night at about 3 1/2 months old. A week into it I naively thought, “Yay, my kid isn’t going to have sleeping issues!” Then at about 8 months old his sleeping patterns regressed and we’ve gone through ups and downs since. Sunday night was an especially rough one so I did what any sleep deprived mom would do, turned to my Twitter followers for advice. Well, Sarah James replied with an amazing website and I couldn’t wait to spread the word since I’ve been so happy with the source.
sleep training advice

Isis Parenting hosts weekly sleep support webinars taught by professionals covering the major sleep issues babies face. And the great thing is, all of the past webinars are available to view for free. So you can choose the main topic that you’re interested in and learn away.

I prefer learning through courses like these over reading a book so I hope you find the site helpful too.

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