An Adorable Stocking Stuffer Idea for Babies & Tots

Do you have a messy eater? My son is getting better with the art of spoon handling and has recently graduated from a high chair to a booster chair. The one thing he flat out refuses to wear are bibs. Perhaps if the bibs were cute and stylish, it would make a difference. I’ve been scrubbing stains and washing multiple sets of clothing daily since 2011. Sigh.

A bib that is part of an outfit or something that doesn’t look like your traditional bib would go far with my son. He is quite particular about his clothing choices and I know if he had something that enhanced it, rather than covering it – he’d be game.

Yesterday I stumbled across these brand new bib sets from Disney Baby. These would have been just perfect for Halloween and many of the are ideal for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Protect your little one’s outfit with a layer of cuteness – these sets are simply adorable!

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