Adorable Baby PJs ~ Buy 2 or More and Save!

Warm and cuddly pajamas are a must for the cold wintery months, and although mine still look as good as new, my son has quite literally grown out of his. He’s grown so tall over the past few months that his toes have gone straight through the bottom of his sleepers and none of them fit his width or his length anymore.

We’ve had to switch over to two-piece pajama sets now that he’s older. They are much more suitable for toddlers and give them a little more freedom for movement. It’s a little bittersweet though, as sleepers are my all-time favorite because they keep your baby’s toes warm — which is why I was so thrilled with I noticed that Disney Baby has sleepers up to 3T! I know what I’ll be shopping for soon…

Super soft cotton and elasticized waist bands are two things I look for in a child’s pajama, and all of the baby pj’s in this round-up are made with both. They are also on sale in a very big way! Select Disney Baby sleepwear has been reduced to $14 if you buy 2 sets or more.

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