A Simple Homemade Valentine’s Headband

I don’t do a lot of sewing – if I’m going to make something, it needs to be quick and easy.

This DIY headband is perfect! It’s so festive for Valentine’s Day, and you can use any color of hearts you want (I love the idea of a pink and black one).

  • A simple headband for your baby

    A simple headband for your baby

    I whipped this up in less than ten minutes. My older daughter liked it so much too, I might have to make another one for her!

  • You'll Need:

    You'll Need:

    – A piece of thin elastic, long enough to go around your baby’s head
    – 3-5 hearts cut out of felt (leather or suede also work well)
    – Pins
    – Scissors
    – A sewing machine with thread

  • Pin your hearts on

    Pin your hearts on

    Pin the hearts in place on the elastic band.

  • Sew on the hearts

    Sew on the hearts

    With your sewing machine, sew a straight line down the middle of the hearts, backstitching at the beginning and end of your seam to keep it from unraveling, and trim the extra threads off.

  • Ta-da!


    Slip it on your baby’s head – you’re all finished!

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