A Perfectly Lovely Book Themed Baby Shower!

I had the wonderful fortune of throwing a baby shower for a dear friend of my mine, Claire, with her mother (and grandmother-to-be) Leslie, and our mutual friends Melanie, Deirdre and Jody. Since Claire doesn’t know the gender of her baby, we wanted a theme that was versatile but specific to the Mama-to-Be, too. With so many clever, crafty women helping to plan this baby shower, we came up with the perfect theme for our bookworm friend: a book themed baby shower!

We went wild with the theme, even including a build a library request, asking guests to bring an unwrapped children’s book in lieu of a card. We had plenty of bookish activities and games and the Mama-to-Be was simply glowing with excitement and joy. Take a look through Claire’s Book Themed Baby Shower to find shower games, activities and decoration inspiration for your next shower!

  • Book Themed Baby Shower Ideas

    Book Themed Baby Shower Ideas

    Get inspired for your book themed baby shower with these adorable decorations, baby shower games and activities!

  • Library Check Out Card Invitation

    Library Check Out Card Invitation

    We started the theme off right with a custom-made invitation styled after a library check out card. Under “Due Date”, we put in Claire’s due date! We kept the theme going by calling the hostesses the “Librarians.”

  • A Warm Welcome

    A Warm Welcome

    We welcomed everyone with a little sign on the door, made with book page scrapbook paper in keeping with our book theme.

  • DIY Burlap and Fabric Ribbon Banner

    DIY Burlap and Fabric Ribbon Banner

    There was something about the book theme that really lent itself to a vintage, rustic feel. I made a burlap banner and added fabric tape trim. The letters were just adhesive stickers. The whole banner only took about 20 minutes to make!

  • A Record of the Special Day

    A Record of the Special Day

    Guests signed in with a very special guest book, as you’ll see…

  • A Very Special Book for Baby

    A Very Special Book for Baby

    As part of my shower gift to Claire, I made her a custom baby shower guest book meets baby’s first alphabet book meets memory book!

  • DIY Baby Memory Book

    DIY Baby Memory Book

    Here’s just one of the pages I included, like this “Cost of Living” memory page. I made lots of other pages and spaces for photos and other milestone memories, too.

  • Baby's First Alphabet Book Shower Activity

    Baby’s First Alphabet Book Shower Activity

    But it was more than just a guest book or memory book, it was baby’s first alphabet book, too! Guests could pick a letter page “A is for…” or “B is for…” and so on – and fill in, doodle or write out their own unique alphabet page for a truly unique and special touch!

  • Book Themed Baby Shower Favors

    Book Themed Baby Shower Favors

    What better favor for a book themed baby shower than a bookmark?

  • Perfectly Quotable Bookmark Favors

    Perfectly Quotable Bookmark Favors

    “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald.

    What a perfect quote for a book themed baby shower! On the reverse, there was the date of Claire’s shower and a little vintage image of children reading books. These were pretty easy to make, too: I printed them on card stock, then used decorative tape to make the top border. A quick hole punch, a knotted piece of jute twine and voila! Instant crafty bookmark.

  • Make a Bookplate Shower Activity

    Make a Bookplate Shower Activity

    Another activity we had for guests was to make a custom bookplate for baby. I simply made a pretty label and used wide shipping labels. We asked guests to bring their books unwrapped so 1) the Mama-to-Be wouldn’t have to unwrap a million books and 2) so folks could stick their custom bookplate right then and there.

  • Crafty Baby Shower Activities

    Crafty Baby Shower Activities

    Claire is also known by all of her friends for being a bit of a craft-a-holic. We love her annual Crafty Holiday Card-Making Party! We brought some of that crafty love by having guests decorate bodysuits for baby.

  • Guess the Children's Book Shower Game

    Guess the Children’s Book Shower Game

    I had seen this baby shower game at another shower this year and I had to snag it for our book themed baby shower for Claire! It was fun guessing all the children’s book titles – it was a pretty smart group of gals, so we used a unique tie-breaker. We had each person guess the number of pages in Go, Dog, Go! (it’s MUCH longer than you think) and the closest without going over ended up winning.

  • Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Lib Game

    Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Lib Game

    Claire and her husband both do improv theatre so we thought a Mad Lib telling the crazy story of baby’s arrival would be a perfect shower game! I wrote this tale specific to the Mama and Daddy-to-Be.

  • Building a Library of Love

    Building a Library of Love

    As each guest arrived, Claire’s pile of children’s books grew and grew. After she opened all of her gifts, she went through and showed off each book she got. There were a lot of really great titles!

    We are so happy and excited for Claire and we were honored to shower her with such love!

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