A Newborn Must Have

With a busy toddler running around, having a good swinger or bouncer is a must! There are plenty of times throughout the day that I have to set the baby down to help our 2 year old. This Disney Fairytales Bouncer has been a big hit in our household! Not only for the baby but my 2 year old is in love with it as well. She loves that is has all the Disney Princesses on it and refers to it as “Baby Finley’s Princess Chair”. Take at look at how cute and fun it is…

  • A Bouncy Chair!

    A Bouncy Chair!

    We couldn’t have gotten through these 7 weeks with out it!

  • Details


    Love the Disney Castle on this bouncer. It lights up and plays music which is key to catching the babies attention.

  • Details


    I always look for a bouncer/swing that has a vibrate switch on it. Babies love this feature!

  • Engaging!


    My daughter loves looking at the lights. Look how cute she is!

  • Life Saver!

    Life Saver!

    A swing/bouncer is definitely on my must have list. It acts as an extra pair of hands when you just need to put that sweet little baby down for a few minutes.

  • Disney Baby Flowers & Fairytales Bouncer featuring Disney Princess

    Disney Baby Flowers & Fairytales Bouncer featuring Disney Princess

    You can find this super cute bouncer at Walmart for only $30!

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Disney Fairytale Bouncer c/o DISNEY

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