Mealtime Made Fun With Disney

I officially have two solid food eaters in my house now! Bentley is ten months old and we are trying to wean him from his bottle. He is now only having 2-3 bottles a day, and eats all meals with us.

So you can imagine our excitement when we received some new mealtime items in the mail from Disney Baby. Our boys already love using them. Click here to find out more!

How a Winnie the Pooh Washcloth Saved Our Teething Woes

Macks has been teething what seems like non-stop lately. Along with the drool that comes with teething, he’s also fussy which means that he’s in a bit of pain. Seeing my litle one not feeling well gives me such heartache, so naturally I am trying to do whatever I can to ease some of the pain.

There are several things that I’ve heard of to help ease some of the teething pain and everything is different for each child, but we’ve found one thing that is not only effective for Macks, but also brings him comfort no matter where we are. 

5 Things I Do Throughout the Day to Make Parenting Easier

With two little ones in school, Macks at home with me all day, and trying to manage a full time job from home, I am always looking for ways that I can make things easier on me throughout the day. Our schedule is pretty concrete, so I try to stick to that to make our day go more smooth, but there are also more things that I do to make my life as a mom easier.

A Little Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day Party

Thanks to Disney Baby and for sponsoring this post and for giving me the Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Rings and edible glitter for free, as well as to Favor Desserts for decorating our cake.

Over the weekend, my cousin and his wife came to visit, bringing along their toddler daughter. My two girls, who are just younger and older than their second cousin, were in heaven. We barely saw the three of them for days, as they played together non-stop, from morning to evening.

On their last day in town, we celebrated with a little low-key Valentine’s Day party.

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