5 Ways to Handle Parenting with a Dog at Home

Before we had our son, my husband and I decided to start off with a dog. We’ve had our beagle, Scrappy, since we got married almost eight years ago. He was our little “fur baby.” But after we welcomed our son last year, there was definitely an adjustment period in which we had to learn how to balance the two. It was challenging at the beginning, but now we’re very happy our little “pack” has stuck together.

Here are a few tips that might help you balance having both a dog and a baby at home:

Fun New Facts About My 10-Month-Old

Little buddy is 10 months old! He has turned into such a big boy. Sometimes I look at him playing with his toys or exploring his books, and I think he looks so much like a toddler now. It both tugs at my heart and fills me with so much joy.

Here are some fun facts about Soren at 10 months!

Little Character Contest: Your Little One Could be a Star!

It’s time to pull out all of those adorable photos of your little one hiding on your phone or on your memory card! Starting November 24th and running through December 14th, your little character could win a “crawl-on” role on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy! Check out the Disney Baby Facebook page to enter and have a chance to win some incredible Disney Baby products too.

Click through the slideshow to learn more about the amazing prizes you could win!

How We Reward Our Toddler for Good Behavior

Over the summer, my husband and I became very frustrated with our parenting. We were experiencing lots of the symptoms of the “terrible twos” — whining, fits, hitting, not sharing, etc. As much as we tried to work on these behaviors with Ingrid, it felt like we were just harping on her all the time. We decided we needed to give her some positive reinforcement. We needed to let her know when she was doing the RIGHT thing. We needed to encourage and reward her for her good behavior.

We came up with our Happy and Helpful Chart, a visual way for our toddler to be reminded of her good behaviors. To introduce it, we talked about the things that always help us have a good day. We all agreed that we had better days when we were all happy and helpful, and that there were a few things that helped us to be that way. Those things were sharing, listening, cleaning up after ourselves, riding safely in the car, and staying in our beds at night.

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

One tradition my girls and I do each year is bake cookies the day before Thanksgiving. My husband laughs because these are technically Christmas cookies, but we turn them into Thanksgiving cookies by using a leaf cookie cutter and some fall icing colors. My girls love helping me bake them, but their favorite part is decorating them!

Even young toddlers can help with this fun tradition. If you’re looking for a fun project to do over the Thanksgiving holiday, consider making some of these sugar cookies! (And make sure to save the recipe! They are THAT good!) 

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