60 Top Baby Boy Names from the 1950’s - 2000’s

60 top boy baby names from the last 50 years!

When Your Baby Foodie Becomes a Picky Eater

We are not shy that since Judah started solid foods, he’s been interested in trying all new and different foods, flavors, and textures. From Brussels sprouts to pad thai, Judah has surprised us with all the different things he’ll try – that is, until recently. It’s become apparent that our once baby foodie has become a picky eater – and here’s how we’re keeping mealtimes as fun and filling as we can!

5 Tips for Making Bathtime More Fun

Macks used to love bathtime, however lately a fear has started to settle in and he cries every single time I give him a bath. I was it to be fun and enjoyable for him and something that he can look forward to rather than dread. My youngest daughter used to be scared of bath time as well and now she loves it. Luckily there are several tricks that I learned along the way to turn her into a lover of bath time. I’m now trying these things on Macks to help put him at ease.

5 Warm Winter Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Winter mornings are tough: it’s cold, it’s dark, and you just want to stay all warm and snuggled for just five more minutes. As much as I love to sleep in on winter mornings, Judah does too! The colder the morning, the more he wants to stay in bed. Since we both have to get up and go for the day, here are five yummy breakfast ideas that’ll keep your little one’s belly warm and full!

A Stunningly Detailed Toy Story Inspired Nursery

Toy Story is such a great trilogy of movies. The themes on power of friendship, belonging and growing up aside – it’s also a beautifully made designed movie, too! Andy’s room is a perfect inspiration for a little boy’s nursery, from its bright blue walls to other primary color touches. Here is one Toy Story inspired nursery that has an amazing attention to detail!

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