What to Do with ALL those Photos?

I am constantly running out of memory on my phone, because I take so many photos and video clips of Soren. It’s unreal, and I love every single photo. Even the blurry ones. ;)

How do you keep all of those precious photos organized and accessible so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come?

Pajama Party Time: 11 Disney Pajamas Your Baby Will Love

When I was a child, I just loved getting a new pair of pajamas. For some reason, new pajamas made bedtime more fun. Now, I see how excited my kids get about new pajamas, and it brings back some great memories. After a long, fun day, nothing is better than a bath, a good book, and a great pair of pajamas.

Here are 11 Disney pajamas that are too cute for words. Make your littles ones feel like every night is a pajama party!

Cool Whip Painting

My girls have always loved sensory play. They love to explore new tastes and textures, sounds, and smells. They REALLY love anything that makes a mess. We’ve been doing Cool Whip painting for several years. It’s especially great for little ones who love to put everything in their mouths! Here’s how you can do your own Cool Whip painting at home…

15 Baby Moments to Capture on Video


Where does the time go? It’s so cliché but so very true. As a mom, it really does seem like my kids are growing up in a flash. And it often feels like the busier I get, the faster time flies by.

Our Toddler's Bond with His Dog

Yesterday was National Dog Day, which celebrates the ways dogs impact our lives. It made me think about the bond our son has created with our dog, Bear (who, by the way, is a big mush). Right after Mama and Papa, our son’s third word was actually Bear. Now that he’s getting older, they’ve pretty much become inseparable.

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