Meeting "Abuelita" for the First Time

My parents got divorced when I was just nine years old. I stayed close to my mom’s side of the family growing up, but my father’s side was a different story. We lost touch, which was very unfortunate. The last memory I had of my grandmother was when I was just five years old. I remember her coming to visit us in Miami — she lived in California at the time. I also remember a pair of hand knitted pink crochet socks she made for me. I was the happiest little girl with those pink socks. It’s funny how sometimes you remember the most random things.

Complete, but Never Completed

Last month, we went to Disneyland to celebrate my littlest love’s birthday. She’s got a soft spot for the mouse, and it was so fun recreating the magic that occurred years earlier when we took her older sister to Disneyland to celebrate her second birthday. As we walked around immersing ourselves in some Disney magic, I remember thinking about Walt Disney’s quote on Disneyland and how it will never be completed.

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” ~ Walt Disney

As I sit here writing my final post for Disney Baby, and reflecting on my first, I can’t help but think that in some ways as a mother I will never be completed. My family will never be completed.

6 Reasons Why I Love Baby ECOS

This month I had the honor of speaking at a blogger breakfast held by Baby ECOS at Discovery Cube Orange County. It was a beautiful event. The breakfast was delicious and I met some inspiring and gracious women. We learned more about the Baby ECOS brand and met a few of the friendly and knowledgeable faces behind the brand. Not to mention, each of us walked away with some wonderful products, products that will become staples in many of our homes.

But that wasn’t all I left with; I left with a grateful heart and a new friendship. I was grateful for this amazing opportunity to be given a platform to share my heart in hopes to make a difference somehow. I was grateful for the gentle push speaking gave me – reminding me that sometimes the greatest adventures and gifts lie just beyond my comfort zone. And I was grateful for the opportunity to represent Disney Baby while working with a company that values so many of the things that I hold dear and, at the same time, inspire me to continue in my quest to make small changes in my home that will ultimately make big differences in the lives of my loved ones. Here are 6 reasons why I love Baby ECOS:

Soren at 8 Months

Here we are, 8 months in! I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating this little guys 1st birthday in only 4 short months. I’m so excited to be getting into the holidays and then wrap everything up by throwing him a 1st birthday in January. :D

Fun facts about Soren at 8 months!

Holding On: Why I Can't Clean Out Macks' Closet

It’s well known that Macks is most likely our last child. As much as I’d love to have another, I just don’t know if it’s in the cards for us. Knowing that he’s probably the last baby that I’ll have, I am desperately trying to hold onto all of the moments and milestones that he goes through.

Rocket Fuel