5 Tricks to Helping Baby Sleep Through the Night

Sleep is precious, for baby, daddy and mommy! Having a poor nights sleep can make the next day extremely difficult to push through. Now that Soren is one year old he sleeps perfectly through the night 85% of the time, but he still has moments (teething!) where he wakes up and has a difficult time putting himself back to sleep.

To ensure a wonderful nights sleep for baby, here are a few top tips for keeping baby dreaming peacefully through the night.

It Goes So Fast

I know it’s probably the most common parenting cliche there is, but it’s true. It all goes by so fast. I should know this. Margot is my 3rd baby and so this should come as no surprise to me. Yet here I am again, sitting in my unbelief that she’ll be 1 year old in a matter of weeks. How did this happen? How am I almost out of the infant stage, once again?

Introducing a Sippy Cup to our Exclusively Breastfed Baby

Little Miss Margot is just shy of 10 months old and has never taken a bottle. There just wasn’t ever a reason for her to. As a stay-at-home mom, I’m always near and thankfully, I’ve been able to breastfeed her since she was born. Now that she’s older and eating some meals with us at the dinner table, we wanted to introduce a sippy cup to her, so that she could have water with her food. While breastmilk is still her main source of nutrition, I’m no longer nursing her on demand or as often as I was the first few months of her life. 

The Magic of Judah's First Snow Day

With a major winter snowstorm already barreling into New England tonight, we’re fully stocked and ready for a day of being snowed in. But we also can’t wait for when the storm’s over… and we can take Judah out to play in mountains of snow! Judah already had his first real snow day this weekend, when we got a few inches.

The moment of watching him take it all in was just magical!

5 Ways to Add a Dash of Disney Magic to Your Nursery

You’ve got the crib picked out, the matching changing table, and maybe even a rocking chair or glider set up in the corner, ready for those late-night snuggles. But maybe you haven’t quite figured out a nursery theme, or even a color scheme and you know you want your baby’s first room to be something special. That’s where a dash of Disney magic comes in!

Here are my four favorite ways to dress up baby’s room with some extra special finishing touches!

Rocket Fuel