4 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Hustle

With Hanukkah having already begun and Christmas just around the corner, followed so closely by New Year’s celebrations, the Holiday Hustle is here. If you’re anything like our family, you might be trying to figure out how to shuttle your little ones between grandparents’ houses and plenty of holiday gatherings.

Here are four tips to help you survive – and enjoy! – the whirlwind of holidays ahead!

Baby Name Ideas from Disney Channel Shows!

This one is for you expecting parents who are Disney super fans, but also for anyone looking for super cute baby names! It turns out Disney Channel has a ton of cute character names and I thought it would be really fun to put together a baby names list with some of my favorite names from different Disney Channel shows. And of course there are some in there from Sonny With A Chance :).

If you are like I was and just can’t seem to find a name you like for your little miracle then maybe this list will help!

13 Disney Movies to Watch During the Holidays

With the holidays comes the beautiful music, classic Christmas movies, decorations, baked goods, (sometimes) cooler weather, gifts. and time with family. And one of our favorite things to do during the holidays is watch Christmas movies! To celebrate Christmas, I’m sharing 13 Disney movies that are perfect to watch during the holidays. :)

Tips on Recovering from Not-So Magical Days

A few days ago, Soren had a pretty rough day. With four teeth coming in and becoming more and more daring with his movements, the day was filed with mini-accidents and a not-so-happy baby.

Since Soren has been learning to walk and standing as much as possible, he’s become so much more prone to boo-boos. Poor buddy! I absolutely hate seeing him so sad. The day started off with a crawling accident. Going a little too fast for his own good and missing the part where he puts his hand in front of him. He hit his face on the floor and gave us a good cry. The second time was when he was standing and trying to walk to me, he proceeded to leap forward and hurt his lip on his new teeth. And finally, the day ended with another fall, hurting his lip even more on his teeth. This time he cried hard. It made me so sad seeing him hurt. I started crying myself. We just sat there for a little while cuddling and crying. It was a rough day for little Soren.

How do we recover from those not-so magical days and cheer up our little ones when things are looking down? Here are a few things that helped turn our day around and end on a happy note:

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