New NUK Mickey and Minnie Pacifiers and Learner Cups at Walmart

Whether you’re transitioning from bottle to cup or looking for the perfect pacifier to soothe your baby, the new NUK Mickey and Minnie pacifiers and learner cups have got you covered.

We’ve been huge fans of NUK products ever since our little guy was born, and although our son is a thumb sucker, NUK was one of the very few brands of pacifiers he liked.


Why I Wish My Kids Could Have Met My Great-Grandmother

Not a lot of people get the privilege of knowing their great-grandparents, but I was really fortunate to have a close relationship with mine for most of my life. My great grandmother, who we called Gigi, was amazing in so many ways. She hasn’t been in Heaven long, but I miss her every time I smell chicken n’ dumplings, see a handmade quilt, hear a hymn or hug someone goodbye. I have so many reasons I wish my boys could have met my Gigi.

Make Potty Training an Adventure and Save 15%!

Is your little one about to start potty training? We still have a little time before Soren starts, but I’m am definitely looking forward to the day he is potty-trained! I think at nearly 9 months, I’ve probably changed 2,048 diapers…roughly. ;)

If you are looking for the perfect training potty for your little one and want to make them excited about their new adventure learning to use the potty, be sure to check out the Disney collection at Toys”R”Us!! All potties are currently 15% off, so pick up your coupon here!

Let your little one choose between Princesses, Cars, Minnie and Mickey! Best wishes for your potty-training adventure!

Fall Uniform for Mommy - 5 Staples to Add to Your Wardrobe!

When it comes to personal style and being a mommy, I’m all about comfort, quality and ease. Just as much as I want to look great, I also want the task of putting outfits together to be easy! There seems to be less and less time to poke around a closet and try to think up a fabulous outfit…especially when we have little ones ready for breakfast now!

Since fall is in full swing, at least it is here in the good ol’ south, I wanted to share with you what I believe to be the five best staples you can add to your wardrobe this fall.

My Halloween Dilemma: Should We Do a Family Costume?

Now that we are a family of four, I feel like the pressure is on to go “all out” for our Halloween costumes. We’ve got two adorable little boys who would look cute even dressed as paper sacks… but Mommy and Daddy would look silly.

My dilemma is this: Should we dress all alike as a theme? Or should we dress as individuals in whatever we like the most?

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