Top Baby Names From 100 Years Ago

As a child I was always fascinated by history. It was my favorite subject in school, and learning about the past made me happy. I always thought I was a little dorky for loving history so much, but I soon came to find that dorky is actually pretty darn cool. 

Fun and Creative Pregnancy Announcements

When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first child we could not wait to share the news. We knew we wanted to announce our new baby in a really fun way that would surprise our family. This was right around Christmas time so we decided to wait until everyone was gathered together at my sister’s house on Christmas Day. We made cards with a photo of an ultrasound we had done just weeks before and a little Santa hat. We passed out the cards to everyone and waited for them to open the envelopes and figure it out. The reaction was priceless! Everyone was so surprised and beyond thrilled.

If you’re expecting a baby but haven’t told anyone yet you may be looking for fun ideas to make the announcement extra special. Click through the slideshow for some creative pregnancy announcements. 

How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk

Judah is sixteen months old. He can sing along with songs, he can clap on rhythm, and he speaks over fifty words. The only thing he can’t do yet? Walking. Judah is so close: he cruises, he crawls, and a few times now, he’s even let go and stayed standing for thirty seconds. It’s those first steps that continue to elude him. Our doctor isn’t worried and truthfully, neither are we. Some toddlers just take their own time to learn how to walk.

That doesn’t mean we’re aren’t encouraging our son to take his first steps. Here are five ways we’re helping Judah learn how to walk!

How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk

Amani's Favorite Time: Tummy Time!

It seems like once a baby learns to do something, it’s all they ever want to do! Amani first rolled over a couple of months ago and has become quite a pro at it. When I place her down, she hardly stays on her back. Instead she rolls over right away onto her tummy. She’s been such a champ at tummy time that I think she’s strengthened her upper body muscles enough to start crawling soon! She’s really been on a roll!

Tummy time for baby

The Undeniable Love of a Big Sister

As a little sister to two older sisters, I can definitely vouch for the incredible value that they bring to my life. I’ve always looked up to them as role models, each one providing inspiration or guidance in her own unique way. I seek them out constantly and without fail, they’re always there for me. I’m so grateful that my daughters all have each other as sisters, built in friends. It’s the relationship between my oldest and youngest that always makes me stop to cherish the bond and connections made.

Big sisters, big hearts
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