"Is He Walking Yet?"

It’s the question we hear over and over again: “Is Judah walking yet?” The answer is, of course, no, Judah is not walking yet… but here’s why we’re not worried about it.

He’s Standing!

At nearly 9 months, Soren started standing on his own! He’s such a determined little guy who is SET on moving and not missing out on a thing. I can hardly keep up with his new tricks.

It’s such a reward to watch Soren learn new things and figure out how to accomplish his motor skills. It’s hard to imagine that only 10 months ago he was born, tiny and completely dependent on me for everything. And here he is, holding his own bottle, exploring, playing with his books, climbing, chatting, picking up his own food and standing all on his own!

The Magic of Meeting a New Family Member

Two weeks ago exactly, my brand-new nephew entered this world for the first time. 

I have to admit that although I have four kids myself, there is something so special about becoming an aunt. When my sister-in-law and brother-in-law first shared their pregnancy news with my niece two years ago, I held back tears. I was just so excited to meet a new member of our family.

Why We’ve Started Toddler Timeouts

The “terrible twos” are coming and as much as I take umbrage at that particular choice of words, there’s no denying that Judah is… feistier. Tantrums are a normal part of a child’s development and at 18 months, Judah has begun to express his wants, needs, and dislikes in ever more vocal and physical ways.

Like any toddler testing boundaries, some of Judah’s displays go a bit over the top and it means that it’s time for a timeout. As much as we do them for him, I’ve found that timeouts are actually really important for me. Confused? Read on.

20 Spanish Baby Names Inspired by Christmas

Whether your baby is due around Christmas or you’re just looking for some festive baby names, here are a few Spanish names inspired by the holiday. From Emanuel to Gabriela, here are several for boys and girls you can warm up to:
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