Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

When you have little ones, it’s always fun to go out and explore and enjoy new activities together. There are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest and blogs, but sometimes the simplest things are the most fun and memorable. Such was the case when I took my daughter to our local flower farm. She LOVES to smell flowers and has a pretty extensive botanical vernacular – she can recognize and name dandelions, daffodils, tulips and camellias – so I knew she would love this outing. Within a 45 minute drive from Portland there is an annual tulip festival at a flower farm that runs through an entire month of spring, but somehow we managed to choose the day that ended up being rainy and muddy. Despite the weather we still had a lot of fun and I would highly recommend a trip with your little one to your local flower farm – or even just a garden center. She has a blast and there were plenty of great learning opportunities along the way! Here are a few photos from our day at the flower farm…

Fun With Little Ones: A Day at the Flower Farm

Last-Minute Easter Basket Ideas from Disney Baby

Easter is just a couple of days away. If you are late to the game and still haven’t shopped for your little one’s Easter basket, don’t worry! It’s not too late to find adorable gifts that your honey bunny will love. In fact, Disney Baby offers a HUGE selection of gifts and toys that you can find at stores near you like Target, Walmart, BabiesR Us, & more. Here are 8 adorable Easter basket fillers that your little Disney lover will go crazy for…

5 Yummy Toddler-Friendly Passover Snacks

Passover is a big deal in our house. My husband and I love to host our own seder, the ritual meal held on the first two nights of the eight-day holiday, inviting many of our friends from all faiths. We have a really fun time telling stories, singing songs, and of course–eating! I spend two solid days in the kitchen, cooking up a storm with all of our favorite holiday recipes. This Passover is particularly special for us, since it’s Judah’s first Passover.

While Judah doesn’t have to keep kosher for Passover (since he’s under 13, the age of Bar Mitzvah), we still want him to get a taste of our holiday traditions. Here are the five Passover foods our little one is loving right now!

Great Baby Names That Are 4 Letters or Less

I grew up with a long name. My first name has seven letters, and then my maiden name is nine letters long. As a child, it felt like a mouthful. By the time I was in high school, though, I loved my name. The length didn’t bother me one bit. 

Packing Up Soren's Newborn Clothes

A few days ago I walked into his room, pulled out a box, and started packing away all of his newborn sized clothes. The sweet little bodysuits he barely filled out when we first brought him home…it was bittersweet packing them away and organizing his drawers with bigger clothes that soon enough he would grow out of too. Each time I have the task of packing away his “too-small” clothes in the future, will be a special moment of reflecting on how much he’s grown and the memories we’ve made.

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