Baby on the Move! She's Starting to Crawl

When I was pregnant with Amani, she was quite a wiggly one. I learned early on that Baby’s activity level in the womb carries over into their behavior after they’re born. Sure enough, Amani was more active and alert than her older sisters. She didn’t enjoy being swaddled as it restricted her movement. Our baby wrap carrier wasn’t her favorite because it didn’t allow her to stretch, reach, or grab. She even rolled over early. I should have seen it coming during a tummy time session with her favorite Dumbo plush. There she was, at a mere four months, ready to start crawling!

Baby Starts Crawling

Questions To Consider Before Adoption

This is part of our ongoing adoption story; read last week’s post right here!

Indeed, Pinocchio said it best, “Always let your conscience be your guide.” Yet sometimes, our conscience needs a bit of poking, prodding. Prompting. As was the case with our adoption, I wanted to be sure my head and heart were as in sync as possible, so I spent many hours researching, reading and pondering whether adoption was the right decision for our family. (I’m happy to report that it, 100%, is!)

Whether you’re supporting a friend going through adoption or are pursuing the path yourselves, I thought it might be helpful to share a few questions we considered before taking the leap!:

My Latest Mission: Getting Dressed Up!

There is something nice about working from home: I don’t HAVE TO do my hair, put on makeup…even get out of my pajamas! My days are usually so filled with taking care of two kiddos under three that making myself look pretty has become my last priority.

I do know, though, that my husband probably prefers for me to not look like a frumpy, stay-at-home mom every single day. And I personally feel better about myself when I take the time to pick out a cute outfit and throw some mascara on.

So my mission lately has been to actually find reasons to get dressed up! Here’s why:

Why I'm Excited to be Layering up for Fall

I’m a shorts and flip flops kind of guy. I’ll try to eek out every last drop of weather I can. Though once I’m forced make the switch, I love to layer up. You could say my “look” consists of long sleeve tees, plaid shirts, and vests; all favorites of mine.

Now that our little guy is growing up and entering fall as a toddler, I’m kinda hoping he likes the same thing. And I think we’ve found some pretty good options.

Full-Time Mom and Working from Home: How to Get Things Done!

Being a full-time mommy and working from home is like juggling two full-time jobs at once. Remember the days when everything on your “to-do” list was checked off and there was nothing left for you to do? Remember when we were kids and used to get “bored”….those days are no more! ;) I’ve found that there is ALWAYS things to be done. When my husband asks, “are you done with work for the day” or “how much left do you have to do”…my answer is usually, “I’m never done, but I’ll stop if needed!”

It seriously is such a huge joy and blessing to have the ability to stay at home with my son, run my own business and create my own hours. I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m exactly where I want to be. However, that certainly doesn’t make each day easy or my task list finish itself magically…no fairy godmother here. ;)

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