9 Months!

It may seem like the space between eight and nine months was extra short but it’s only because I was so late on posting. For some reason nine months sounds a lot older and so much closer to the one year mark even though it’s only about thirty days difference. If I could I would make this age last for at least a few months. To me it’s the perfect baby stage. He can sit up but his movement is limited. He still takes two naps a day. He plays with toys so contently and he’s still small enough to pal around. Plus the baby chub is so perfectly squishy.

Here are a few more of Beck’s nine month stats:

- 18 lbs 9 oz
- 28 inches
- pivoting and scooting backwards but no crawling
- 8 teeth (barely)
- eats table foods, his favorites are blueberries and cheese
- loves sucking on his washcloth in the tub
- always grabbing for something
- stares intently whenever little kids are around
- recognizes when he’s being funny and performs to make us laugh
- favorite sounds to make are mama and yeah

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