9 Months of Maternity Style

I am 6 months into my second pregnancy and I am pretty sure I’ve hit the pregnancy style rut.  It’s hard to dress your constantly growing belly. Things that fit one day, seem to be to tight the next. What’s a gal supposed to do? Here are my tips to help along the way (and to steer clear of the maternity section)…

  • 9 Months of Style

    9 Months of Style

    Stylish outfits through each month of pregnancy

  • 2 Months

    2 Months

    Loose tops and Vintage dresses still work wonders.

  • 3 Months

    3 Months

    Longer tanks are the perfect fit over a growing belly.

  • 4 Months

    4 Months

    Cotton dresses and shirts make for a comfortable transition.

  • 5 Months

    5 Months

    Elastic waist skirts are great for pulling up and over your belly!

  • 6 Months

    6 Months

    Empire waist dresses let you wear non maternity items well into pregnancy.

  • 7 Months

    7 Months

    Longer lengths work perfect to cover your belly without becoming too short.

  • 8 Months

    8 Months

    Cute accessories can make even a plain outfit seem special.

  • 9 Months

    9 Months

    Get creative! Try things on you expect won’t fit. You may be surprised.

  • Stay Positive!

    Stay Positive!

    It gets tough at the end but try to have fun with it all!

1. Get Creative! Don’t assume you have to jump right into maternity wear. That stuff is ugly, frumpy and will not make you feel good about yourself. There does come a time when it is a must, but first try things on in your closet. Then try non-maternity items on in stores. You will be surprised at what will still fit (maybe just in a larger size).

2. Look for Elastic Waist Skirts! Then pull it up over your bump, tuck in a cute shirt, add a few accessories and you will be good to go. You will be surpirsed how many combinations of new outfits you can make with a few skirts and tops. The thrift stores are perfect for looking for skirts like this!

3.  Mid Length, Empire Waist Dresses! You can wear these throughout your entire pregnancy! You can find them at almost any store, in all sorts of beautiful fabrics.

4. Longer Length Tops: Tunics and longer length tops are all the rage now a days. They are the perfect length to cover your belly. You may have to invest in some maternity bottoms, but you shouldn’t have so much trouble with tops

5. Don’t Get Discouraged! Stay positive and try to have fun with it.

Here was a great blog post about the ease of wearing a maxi skirt during pregnancy!

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